Silicom: Simplified 5G Through Disaggregation

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Oren Benisty, Executive VP Strategic Sales, SilicomOren Benisty, Executive VP Strategic Sales
With the evolution of 5G technology, many telecoms have begun expanding their services beyond “simple”connectivity to provide a much broader – and higher value - range of services traditionally supplied by the banking, transportation, retail, health, and other industries. These trends are actualized by the growing digitalization of the global economy – a process facilitated and accelerated by the emergence of higher-speed, higher capacity 5G technologies.

We have been profitable for over 15 years, and we have a long track record of success providing networking, telecom and security product lines. Silicom is investing heavily in the open market and creating a value proposition for vendors who are disaggregating and decoupling their hardware from their software

Likewise, 5G networks operate at higher frequencies (up to nearly 30GHz), allowing operators to provide ultra-fast speeds – as much as 20 times faster than LTE networks – and to carry exponentially more data. Consequently, entities like the O-RAN Alliance and the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) are currently producing configurations for both open interfaces and White box implementations that will be able to fulfill the performance demands of 5G RAN today and in the future. While a variety of companies are collaborating with O-RAN and TIP to create 5G designs, the feature-rich structure of these networks makes them more difficult to maintain than ever before, making it necessary for companies to employ an extensive tech-savvy crew. Silicom, a leading provider of high-performance networking and data infrastructure solutions, operates at the juncture of these requirements, creating solutions that reduce the need for skilled personnel and assist companies in deploying a user-friendly 5G networking architecture.
  • We were the first business to provide time sync capabilities for standard servers, and we think that our STS technology will keep us at the forefront of the time sync industry

Silicom is a pioneering provider of 5G technology solutions for the decoupled disaggregated market, the concept promoted by O-RAN and TIP have opened up. Disaggregated models reduce CAPEX and OPEX, remove vendor lock-in, provide optimal performance at a reduced cost, and lead to even more innovation over time. Under the umbrella of TIP and O-RAN, both software and hardware manufacturers can collaborate and build a complete and standardized working system. The major value of disaggregated models is that they allow for the blending of best-in-class technology from multiple suppliers. A distributed unit (DU) with a variety of Silicom Time Sync (STS) add in cards creates a fully-functional DU that can connect to radio heads utilizing enhanced common public interface (eCPRI). “We were the first business to provide time sync capabilities for standard servers, and we think that our STS technology will keep us at the forefront of the time sync industry,” commented Oren Benisty, Executive Vice President of Strategic Sales. “Our FPGA-based cards enable a seamless transition from the old CPRI used in 4G to the much more recent eCPRI, which allows baseband operations to be split up into multiple workflows, provisioning minimal traffic congestion.”

Aside from facilitating a seamless transition from CPRI to eCPRI, Silicom also offers two unique options for 5G technology implementation: an add in card, and a full DU. Silicom works primarily with Tier One operators seeking to disaggregate their networks in order to develop configurations such as numerous radio heads connected to different DU hardware using different cards. The company is making the O-RAN business model more attractive to clients by offering cost-effective solutions and new business models.

“Silicom has been profitable for over 15 years and has a long track record of supplying networking, telecommunications, and security products. We are investing significantly in the open market and developing a value proposition for suppliers disaggregating and decoupling hardware from software,” added Oren. With its successful track record in telecommunications, Silicom continues to expand its product line in order to better serve its telecom clients. The company is developing a single machine that will combine DU and CU, which are currently separated in the edge and cloud networks. Silicom’s product line is experiencing significant demand in the 5G industry due to the development of such cutting-edge technology. In light of this, the company is looking forward to innovating even further and assisting clients with its technologies.
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Oren Benisty, Executive VP Strategic Sales

Silicom is a prominent provider of high-performance networking and data infrastructure solutions that assist network operators in implementing 5G architectures. The company provides customers with two unique alternatives for the implementation of 5G technology: an add-in card, and a full DU. Silicom provides several add-in cards that may be used in three different models. The company is able to build computing devices and accelerated networks for the 5G infrastructure